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Eos World is a leader and one of the most respected and familiar names in the industry. Eos World contract manufactures, markets, exports and distributes Spices, Fruits, Rice, Maize/ Corn, to the entire food industry—retail outlets, food manufacturers, and foodservice businesses. Eos World partners with the top 10 packaged food companies as well as the top foodservice restaurant chains The Eos World name represents a trusted source of flavor in millions of kitchens around the globe—in homes and in restaurants. Partnerships with farmers and suppliers around the world allow us to provide great-taste with top notch quality Spices, Fruits, Rice and Maize with year-over-year consistency that you can trust. Our passion for quality is matched only by our commitment to an innovative and energetic company culture. At Eos World, we believe in respect, recognition, inclusion and collaboration, based on the highest ethical values for our employees.


Our Leadership

Sandeep Nikam

Managing Partner

Procurement Specialist in ensuring the cost-effective purchase of all materials and services as required by the procurement plan whilst ensuring quality control and compliance with the Company’s policies and procedures.

Ensures the smooth flow of the processes and the dynamic management of the organization. He is a person who is not bound by limitations, and believes that the sky is the limit. He has established strong bonds with our suppliers and strategic partners/ customers based on trust, business ethics, honesty and integrity which make Eos World a reliable player in the global market.  

Saurabh Pawar

Managing Partner

Having core expertise in areas of marketing and branding, he has worked extensively on expanding Eos World global presence.

He has built a strong clientele in various countries, effectively showcasing the spectrum of commodities that we offer. He is the core of our vision of expanding to all six continents, boosting competitiveness and strengthening the fundamental relationship based on values with our customers. During the initial days of Eos World he has worked on the digital marketing aspect of our digital outreach program which proved to be very effective in bringing us to where we are today.

Our Expertise

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